Recent purchases🛍

I thought I would share with you some of my most recent purchases.

I’m loving the prints at the moment, and I’m thrilled that leopard print is back in!

I absolutely adore these tones for Autumn/winter but even for summer with a tan!

I think just about anyone can get away with leopard print, it looks stunning on a dark haired lovely olive skinned person, and can also really compliment someone with a more peaches and cream complexion. Either way I’m extactic to see it back in the shops and on the internet!

So I decided to go for this bag from Caroll, it’s a bit of a statement but I have had loads of compliments.

It was quite pricey and a bit of a whim at the time but the leather is so soft and it is a good size.

I seem to live my life through the moto of ‘less is more’.. and so when I clasped my eyes on this baby it was abit of a ‘ᴸᵉˢˢ ⁱˢ ᵐᵒʳᵉ’ moment !!

I then got tempted into buying these little ankle boots!

They are the minelli I17-DORESY-ZO velour ROY7. I had had my eye on these or at least a similar version for a while, so this time I thought what the heck I’m having them. The whole ‘if you don’t buy them when you see them’ thought darted through my mind so I just went for it!

I knew I wanted them, I knew I loved that grey/taupey/stone colour, I knew they would go with everything and were one of the few styles I was missing to complete my obsessive boot collection, but the problem was the heel! I hadn’t really planned on buying boots with a heel. I’m already tall, and as my friends are quite abit shorter than me, I often feel like I stick out like a sore thumb!

I didn’t think they would be comfortable, that I would be able to go all day in them !

As you can imagine the lady working in the shop was bending over backwards to sell them to me, she kept firing reasons to buy them at me. I would nod and smile thinking I will just let you say your piece but then back off and stop pressurising me.

No it’s mean to say that, I have been in her shoes where you yourself are pressurised to sell people things, but I don’t necessarily agree with this method ! …and little did she know I had already got my heart set on them.

She told me she had the same ones and that she would work her 8 hour shift with them and feel fine at the end .. they were comfy enough stood in the shop and strutting up and down a couple of times but I highly doubted the truth behind a whooooole day!

But I take my hat off to her, she was right, they have a block heel and abit of a platform at the front, I wouldn’t go as far to say it’s like wearing slippers because let’s face it because of the heel you are quite upright but they are sterdy and give you good balance.

The last thing in the picture is a lipstick by Maybelline. Its the 885 midnight merlot BOLD. I brought it for Halloween because I needed a very dark mahoganny brown/red wine colour. It was great for this because it’s very pigmented.

But it’s spot on for this time of year as you can build on coverage. If you start really lightly it’s a a beautiful crisp pink colour, which makes blue eyes really pop !!

What are your winter must haves at the moment ? Have you got any staple pieces or what are your go to timeless classics ?

V xx